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February 5, 2020 kayar 0

Basic SQL ER model unit1theory unit1thoerya exercise_problem Views assertion and Trigger groupby and Nested SQL correlated_query Relational_algebra Relational Algebra(Exercise) Normalization Transaction processing  

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Data Science Using R

September 11, 2019 kayar 0

unit1textbook R_syntax UNIT2 Linear_regression_part2 logistic_regression DecisionTreeLearning_final Unit4

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OO Metric Tools

October 22, 2017 kayar 0

The OO Metric tools can be downloaded from here  ckjm How to run: java -jar ckjm-1.9.jar sample.class Where jar file ckjm-1.9.jar is located in the […]

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Pi: How to install Raspbian OS

March 27, 2017 kayar 0

The official Raspberry Pi website has sufficient information on this. However a simpler tutorial would still be helpful. The following are assumed You have a Raspberry […]