Pi: How to install Raspbian OS

The official Raspberry Pi website http://raspberrypi.org has sufficient information on this. However a simpler tutorial would still be helpful.

  • The following are assumed
    • You have a Raspberry Pi 2 (or the recent 3),
    • You also have a Micro SD card (of capacity min 8GB) – it comes with the Pi in most cases
    • You have an SD card adapter (either one that fits in the SD card slot of computer or the USB port)
    • You have a PC (or laptop)
    • If you are planning to test the OS (then TV with HDMI port, preferably USB keyboard/mouse. Even Wireless mouse works with Pi)
    • Image Download:
      • Download the Raspbian OS from official downloads in your PC/laptop (As of this writing, it is Raspbian Jessi with Pixel.
      • You will get a zip file. Unzip it using 7-zip or other tool and you should get the raspbian OS file with extension ‘img’.
    • Utility Download/Install:
    • OS Install: 
      • Insert the micro SD card using adapter to your PC/Laptop.
      • Open win32diskimager executable and Select the drive letter of the microSD (very important – don’t select your C: drive. Everything in PC will be lost.). If you have doubt, go to ‘My Computer’ (or ‘This PC’ for windows 10). Insert/Remove the SD card adapter and find the correct drive letter that is getting assigned
      • Also Select the Image that we unzipped
      • Install the ‘OS’
    • Test the OS:
      • Remove the micro SD card from adapter and insert it on the Raspberry Pi (the slot is on the back side)
      • Connect HDMI Out of Pi to a TV
      • Connect Power (and optionally Keyboard/Mouse)
      • You will see the Raspbian OS boot up and the Pixel desktop will also come up in a few seconds. All is Well !!

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